Personal Trainer - Mohammad Inaim

Personal Trainer - Mohammad Inaim

As a trainer, I have found that POWA Punch Sensors has been a game-changer for my clients. One of the biggest challenges in boxing training has always been accurately measuring progress in areas like power and speed. These factors are highly subjective and difficult to quantify using traditional methods. However, with the introduction of POWA Punch Sensors, we now have access to precise and objective measurements of these important metrics.

One of the key benefits of using POWA Punch Sensors is the ability to track and analyze performance data in real-time. By providing immediate feedback on power and speed metrics, it allows trainers to ensure that their clients are making progress in the most efficient way possible. Additionally, the ability to track progress over time using POWA Punch Sensors allows trainers to set goals and measure their clients' progress in a much more tangible way.

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  • Alex


    I received the Powa Punch Sensors from my coach at Beyond Boxing as a gift couple months ago. I have not stopped using these sensors since...
  • x4 National Champ - Robin Couzens

    x4 National Champ - Robin Couzens

    POWA Boxing Punch sensors help me stay accountable and they keep me motivated, especially when I am training without my coach. 
  • Kwame Addai

    Kwame Addai

    POWA Punch Sensors are easy to set up and easy to understand.