Kwame Addai

Kwame Addai

POWA Boxing device is easy to set up and easy to understand. The on-boarding screen was enough to get me up to speed and start using it right away. The 5-star system is also a quick indicator of how good my workout is going. Seeing workouts that I average two stars vs three stars feel completely different. 

I also noticed the sensors were accurate with counting, rarely registering any garbage punches. Something that was a concern for me and I was very happy to have seen solved by the POWA Punch Sensors.  Aesthetically the POWA Punch Sensors are pleasing, and once I put them on I often forget they are even there. And most importantly it doesn't affect your performance in any negative way.

The interactivity of app makes it all the better. Sharing my progress with friends and having a library of my workouts to refer back to has been wonderful. 

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    I received the Powa Punch Sensors from my coach at Beyond Boxing as a gift couple months ago. I have not stopped using these sensors since...
  • x4 National Champ - Robin Couzens

    x4 National Champ - Robin Couzens

    POWA Boxing Punch sensors help me stay accountable and they keep me motivated, especially when I am training without my coach. 
  • Kwame Addai

    Kwame Addai

    POWA Punch Sensors are easy to set up and easy to understand.