Discover Your Peak Performance

... and then eclipse it with POWA. These wrist-worn sensors are your ultimate training companions, empowering you to plan and track every improvement in your boxing journey. Connect them to the cutting-edge Powa Boxing app on your smartphone, and valuable insights will be at your fingertips.

Maximize Your Potential with POWA.

  • POWA Boxing Punch Tracker with Punching Force Application

    Crush Your Goals

    The POWA Boxing App is indispensable for planning and achieving goals in boxing. With its new punch-by-punch workout scoring system, you get an accurate idea how you're improving workout by workout. Set your target score and crush it every workout!

  • Punch Tracker Boxing Sensors Data Being Reviewed by Boxers

    Get The Insights

    Use Powa's workout analysis to create your ideal workouts and training schedule. Identify the strengths and weaknesses in your game, whether its power, stamina or pace, you get all the insights right in your hands. Powa Boxing technology lets you tailor your training regimen for optimal progress, making it an essential tool for boxers.

  • See Progress

    The POWA Punch Sensors are a vital tool for monitoring progress. They track the acceleration and speed of every single punch that makes up your workout, and the Powa Boxing app creates powerful visuals for you to see your progress in real time. You get a clear view of your progress round by round.

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Empower Your Boxing Regimen

Experience cutting-edge technology in your boxing grind with POWA Punch Sensor technology. It diligently monitors your boxing training, offering crucial insights to enhance your performance.

By quantifying punch count, force, speed, and punch types, these sensors pinpoint areas for growth and chart your evolving skills.

Learn more about Powa as a tool to become a better boxer everyday.

  • Data Recorded With Every Punch

    Connect to your smartphone, and real-time data becomes instantly accessible at your fingertips.

  • Wear Them Your Way

    Choose either to wear them in gloves or wraps. These lightweight sensors boast an impressive 25-hour battery life, allowing your training to take center stage.

  • Want More From Your Boxing Regimen?

    POWA Punch Sensor's track punch count, force, speed, and punch type. It aids in pinpointing areas for improvement and monitoring your progress.

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"You can only improve what you can measure". POWA Punch Sensors are your ultimate training companion, measuring every single punch you throw during intense workouts. With the POWA Boxing app, you get to see and keep record of exactly how you did.

POWA Punch Sensors are a versatile training tool for boxers of all levels, offering valuable insights and precision tracking to enhance performance and skills development.

Whether you are a beginner who is trying to build power and technique at the same time, or a seasoned boxer trying to maintain quality punches in the late rounds, this is the tool for you.