Level Up Your Training

Looking for a way to stand out for your personal training clients? POWA Punch Sensors allow you to measure your clients' progress, giving them a clear and concise measurement on their investment into your training services.

Try the POWA Punch Sensors today and lead the way in boxing coaching!

Empower Your Coaching Regimen

As a personal trainer, harness the precision of POWA Boxing technology to elevate your clients' boxing journeys. These sensors monitor training diligently, providing insights for performance enhancement.

By quantifying punch data, our punch sensors point out areas your clients can improve, and turn them into strong, quick, and disciplined boxers; adding an incredible value to your personal training services.

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  • Data Recorded With Every Punch

    Seamless connectivity to your smartphone grants immediate access to real-time data. A powerful tool for personal trainers to analyze and enhance their clients' boxing performance.

  • POWA Boxing Sensors Attached to Gloves Via Velcro Pouch

    Wear Them Your Way

    Whether in gloves or wraps, opt for flexibility in wear with these lightweight sensors. Their remarkable 25-hour battery life ensures uninterrupted training, great for personal trainers focused on optimizing their clients' performance.

Maximize Your Client's Potential with POWA Punch Sensors

  • POWA Boxing Punch Tracker with Punching Force Application

    Set Goals

    The POWA Punch Sensors are indispensable for setting and achieving boxing goals. By providing your clients with real-time data and weekly punch goals, POWA Boxing Sensors create a valuable benchmark to measure not only your clients' progress, but their return on their investment.

  • Punch Tracker Boxing Sensors Data Being Reviewed by Boxers

    Analyze Data

    To create an effective training schedule, you can rely on the POWA Punch Sensors' data analysis capabilities. By analyzing the data, your clients can pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses, and customize their training regimen to achieve and measure optimal progress.

  • See Progress

    POWA Punch Sensors provide data-driven insights that enable you to monitor progress, uncover areas needing refinement, and make informed adjustments to optimize your training routine. Watch as your clients unleash their full potential, and reach new heights!

  • POWA Boxing Sensors Worn Over Wrists

    Improve Your Training Value

    The POWA Punch Sensors become your vigilant training companion, meticulously tracking punch count, force, speed, and punch type. This revolutionary tool identifies areas for improvement and enables real-time progress monitoring, invaluable for personal trainers seeking to refine their clients' boxing skills.

Boxing Tracker; Punching Tracker Strap; Corner Boxing Sensors

What Does It Come With?


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Elevate your coaching with POWA Punch Sensors as your indispensable training ally. They propel you to new heights by meticulously monitoring progress, ensuring your clients' peak performance and success.

POWA Punch Sensors are a versatile training tool for boxers of all levels, offering valuable insights and precision tracking to enhance performance and skills development.