Blue Boxing Gloves with POWA Punch Sensors Attached

Prince Amari

As a person who is driven by data and always looking for an edge the POWA Punch Sensors quickly have become my go-to boxing accessory. They help me track my progress and give me feedback on my punch speed, power and overall work output. 

Before the POWA Punch Sensors, quantifying a workout was something that was based on feel and not science. Now I get the best of both worlds. 

The video feature is something that I have found helps me a lot as of recent as well. It has helped reconnect me with the boxing community at large and share my progress with friends in the boxing community. Another accountability tool that helps me stay on top of my game and continue to be my best self day in and day out. 

Other Testimonials

  • Alex


    I received the Powa Punch Sensors from my coach at Beyond Boxing as a gift couple months ago. I have not stopped using these sensors since...
  • x4 National Champ - Robin Couzens

    x4 National Champ - Robin Couzens

    POWA Boxing Punch sensors help me stay accountable and they keep me motivated, especially when I am training without my coach. 
  • Kwame Addai

    Kwame Addai

    POWA Punch Sensors are easy to set up and easy to understand.