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Shakur Stevenson Claims Third World Title in Lackluster Bout

Shakur Stevenson Claims Third World Title in Lackluster Bout

Shakur Stevenson, the formidable three-division world champion, recently secured the vacant WBC lightweight title in a matchup against Edwin De Los Santos. However, despite the victory, Stevenson faced criticism for a performance that failed to impress fans. The 12-round contest saw minimal action, with both fighters struggling to connect, resulting in a disappointing spectacle that left the crowd booing from the first round onwards.

Fight Recap

The fight between Stevenson and De Los Santos unfolded as a cautious and uneventful affair, with both fighters dancing around the ring, prompting boos from the disappointed audience. Single shots, mostly jabs, were the primary mode of engagement, and the lack of a clear offensive strategy contributed to the overall dissatisfaction. Despite Stevenson's superb defense, the bout failed to live up to the expectations set by his previous performances, leaving fans yearning for the exciting displays they had come to expect.

Shakur Stevenson's Victory

While the fight may have lacked excitement, it's essential to acknowledge Stevenson's achievement in securing a world title in a third weight class. The victory, though clouded by the less-than-stellar performance, adds another accolade to Stevenson's impressive resume. In post-fight comments, Stevenson admitted to a challenging night but emphasized that his primary goal was to secure the win, which he accomplished despite the lack of crowd-pleasing action.

Fan Reactions

Social media platforms buzzed with disappointment as viewers expressed their frustration with the night's entertainment value. Boos echoed in the arena, drowning out any other noise, creating an atmosphere that sharply contrasted with the anticipation surrounding Stevenson's bid for a third world title. The immediate aftermath of the bout showcased a collective sentiment of letdown, as spectators had expected a more thrilling showcase from the talented boxer.

The Future of Shakur Stevenson

As the boxing community reflects on this bout, the focus now shifts to Stevenson's future. A potential matchup with pressure fighter William Zepeda has been suggested, offering Stevenson an opportunity to redeem himself in a more fan-friendly bout. The next move for Stevenson will be crucial in determining how he rebounds from this performance and whether he can regain the momentum and excitement that have defined his career thus far.


While Stevenson's victory adds another world title to his collection, the disappointing nature of the fight calls for introspection and adjustments. Fans are hopeful that the next chapter in Stevenson's career will bring the thrilling performances they crave and reestablish his status as one of the most exciting boxers in the sport.

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