• POWA Boxing Sensors Worn Over Wrists
  • Front View of POWA Boxing Sensors Case Open
  • POWA Punch Sensors
  • POWA Boxing Phone Application and Sensors on Wrists
  • Front View of Closed POWA Boxing Case
  • POWA Boxing Sensors Attached to Gloves Via Velcro Pouch
  • POWA Boxing Sensors Being Inserted into Wrist Strap
  • POWA Boxing Sensor Case and Box
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The Latest Innovations in Boxing Gear

The Latest Innovations in Boxing Gear

Boxing, a sport with an illustrious past, is breaking new ground with futuristic gear advancements. Dive into the technological revolution sweeping the boxing world, transforming traditional equipment into cutting-edge tools, from gloves to state-of-the-art training equipment.

Cutting-Edge Materials in Boxing Gloves

The heart of a boxer's arsenal, the glove, has seen significant advancements. Modern gloves now use materials like memory foam and gel for padding, providing superior shock absorption and hand protection. This shift not only increases the safety of boxers but also allows for more precise and powerful punches.


The Rival RFX-Guerrero Pro Fight Gloves pictured above are referred to by many as a "puncher’s glove”, these gloves combine the impact absorption of foam, along with the power transmission of old-school, quilted horsehair. Laminating the leather with a low-density polyurethane foam adds texture and gives them that soft “broken-in” feel. Allowing for maximum comfort without compromising on punch power!

Advanced Protective Head Gear

Protection is paramount in boxing. Recent developments in headgear focus on reducing impact force while maintaining comfort and visibility. Similarly, mouthguards are now being designed with advanced materials to provide better shock absorption and fit, crucial for protecting against oral injuries.


One such example is the RHG100 PROFESSIONAL HEADGEAR, which is made of durable, and super rich microfiber that has a soft Nash lining. With safety and functionality at the forefront of its design, the RHG100 combines large cheek protectors with a wide, lateral eye opening that provides maximum visibility without compromising protection. The vintage-inspired lace adjustment system on the back allows it to be fitted to perfection from both the top and the back, while an additional layer of neoprene helps shield the head from the laces and offers an even more secure fit.

Wearable Technology in Training

Imagine gloves that can track every punch's speed and force. Wearable technology in boxing, such as the POWA Boxing Sensors, is making this a reality. This technology offers real-time feedback, enabling boxers and coaches to fine-tune techniques and strategies based on data.

The POWA Boxing Sensors are state-of-the-art, wearable devices that boxers can attach to their gloves or gear. They are designed to capture a wealth of data, including punch speed, force, count, and type. This information is invaluable for a boxer looking to refine techniques and strategies.

Training Smarter, Not Harder With POWA sensors, the age-old adage of "train smarter, not harder" becomes a reality for boxers. These sensors offer insights that were previously unattainable. For example, by analyzing punch data, a boxer can gain deeper insights into their in-ring and training tendencies and how their endurance affects their performance over time.

Immediate Feedback for Rapid Improvement One of the standout features of the POWA sensors is the ability to provide immediate feedback. This real-time data allows boxers and their coaches to analyze and make on-the-spot adjustments as needed in training sessions, leading to faster improvement and more efficient training regimens.

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