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Ryan Garcia's Road to Redemption against Oscar Duarte

Ryan Garcia's Road to Redemption against Oscar Duarte

Leading up to the fight, Ryan Garcia had faced challenges both inside and outside the ring. But on the night of December 2nd, he was determined to prove his mettle and bounce back stronger than ever. Oscar Duarte, his opponent, was no pushover, and fans eagerly anticipated a showdown between these two talented fighters.

Fight Recap

From the opening bell, it was clear that both Garcia and Duarte came prepared for a battle. They exchanged punches, each landing significant blows, making it an action-packed boxing match. Duarte's resilience was evident as he absorbed Garcia's powerful punches and fought back with determination.

As the rounds progressed, it became evident that Ryan Garcia was gaining momentum. His speed and precision were on full display, and in the eighth round, he delivered a devastating knockout punch that sent Duarte to the canvas. The referee began the count, but Duarte was unable to continue, declaring Ryan Garcia the winner by knockout.

Garcia's Redemption

Ryan Garcia's victory was not just about the win; it was about redemption. After a hiatus from the ring and personal challenges, he returned with a resounding statement. His knockout win over Oscar Duarte showcased his skill, speed, and determination, leaving no doubt that he was back and stronger than ever.

Fan Reactions

Social media erupted with reactions from fans, fellow fighters, and boxing enthusiasts. Tweets, posts, and comments praised Ryan Garcia for his comeback and marveled at the power of his knockout punch. The boxing world had witnessed a star reclaim his place in the spotlight.

The boxing community was impressed with Ryan Garcia’s impressive return to the win column.

DAZN Boxing’s official ‘X’ handle praised Garcia with a Lord of the Rings reference and posted:

“The Return of The King.”
“Even just watching through the screen, I could still feel those punches painfully.”
“Imagine if Ryan landed some hooks to the body, Duarte would have been done.”
“Garcia looked so sharp. The way he used his feet I loved. He’s potentially on the edge of a huge downfall in his career. He NEEDED that win. And staying out of the way of a huge puncher that has no footwork is smart anyway. Derrick James gets hella credit for this too.”

Fan reaction to Garcia's victory

What's Next for Ryan Garcia?

With this impressive victory, the question on everyone's mind is, "What's next for Ryan Garcia?" After the fight, Garcia called out Rolly Romero, and during the post-fight presser, he made it known he wanted to fight Shakur Stevenson.


Ryan Garcia's spectacular comeback and knockout victory over Oscar Duarte were a testament to his resilience and skill. The boxing world witnessed a young fighter overcome adversity and return to the ring with a bang. As fans, we look forward to the future, where Garcia's journey promises more thrilling moments and unforgettable fights.

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